The August’s Color of the Month or Paint it Black

Hi there, hoping you are at some beach having fun because we are at the heart of the summer after all.

I meditated – as always – and I visualized the color of the month.

As I usually say, colors are used by me as a symbol of emotions or emotional premonitions, this is why I decipher the symbolism of the colors mostly concerning love life-related issues.

So this August seems to be Black...

That means that people become self-centered, although it seems like a season which usually makes us express our feelings and be more open because of the weather, the light clothing, the shining sun and so on.

There seems to be something wrong in communication matters this month and certainly, the key to a fulfilled and happier life is talking more with each other.

So, let’s work on talking more, essentially and honestly this month. Let’s keep our defenses down and stop talking so much about our who we are and what we do. Let’s just relax.

We need real communication which starts from an open mind and it certainly does not start from social media, like Facebook or Instagram…Open Your Mind and Your Heart!

I have also consulted my oracles and the spiritual message of the month is this;

Discover the real motives of your life’s desires. The things that make you say I want this so much and I am going to make it because there is nothing or nobody that could make me feel any different.

I am sure what I want and I am most of all sure why I want it!


Writer, and intellectual. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with specializations in great holistic methods. My favorite hobby has been the study and practicing of astrology, numerology, oracles/tarot and so on, for more than 10 years. Thank you for visiting Mystical Totem and may your life be balanced every day.
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