Mystical Unity Massage© Session

There is no greater relaxation in a massage session than one which incorporates a traditional healing touch and a mystical touch of Quantum Reiki Master Therapy.

Detoxicate Your Body in The Traditional Way

Experience the “unity” and the “mystical” wellness, not just like any other, you have experienced before. The session starts with a classic Swedish back technique by applying oil to relax the whole body with Effleurage and Petrissage kneading, to increase the blood level of oxygen and to release the tissues from toxins, improve the circulation and ease the tension for enhanced flexibility. Swedish Massage is traditional and yet very effective.

Do The Yoga Massage and Enhance Your Hair’s Health

The session continues with a short Thai Massage technique by incorporating very gentle stretches of the body that are similar to yoga, followed by Indian Head Massage to improve the facial skin tone, health, and color, the health of the hair and the scalp.

Go Beyond and Above a Therapeutic Massage

This massage session is “mystical” because it completes the circle of unity with Quantum Reiki Master Therapy by using selenite crystal to correct any of your chakras system imbalances and of course to unite your physical, mental and spiritual levels. I use the selenite crystal to focus on your chakras, one by one, and I balance them in an almost immediate way. That way, you feel relaxed as you supposed to after your massage session and you also enrich your relaxation with pure life energy force.

Booking Calendars

Please note, that FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© and Mystical Unity Massage© sessions can be strictly booked by gym, yoga or dance local studios, by Spa Treatments venues and official Massage Centers. I work as an independent and volunteer partner and I do not offer in-person resident services.

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