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Yes, a Simple Natal Chart Can Say a Lot About You but…

If you think that your natal chart could offer you all the information that you need about your strengths, your challenges, and your “ego” self, then you are absolutely right. While a natal chart describes your personality, a Mystical Totem Analysis© goes way beyond that, simply because it describes the way that your spiritual consciousness is evolving and not by analyzing the planets that casually influence your behaviors, emotions or actions.

There is An Advanced Way to Analyze Your Birth Chart

Sabian Astrology is the fabulous work result of Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and it is based on the concept that our planets are “spiritually” influenced by something beyond our own rationality. And the same concept could be applied to an Archetype Tarot Analysis where cards are used like symbols that describe influences originated beyond our limited social or psychological reality.

What Exactly is Sabian Astrology, You Could Say?

Sabian Astrology reveals the sacred mysteries that you were keeping concerning your individuality, at the time that you were born. It is purely spiritual. Planets represent our sectors or our individuality. Each planet has a core meaning. For example, you may be a Scorpio but this is just an irrelevant factor to a Sabian Analysis. According to traditional astrology, all Scorpios are a team that belongs to the same sector with the planet of Pluto “on their heads”, and this is the Scorpio’s sign. Sabian analysis shifts our casual perception by basing certain qualities of each planet into a certain Symbol that you should see like an ideal or as a principle that you could apply to your real life. Think about it for a minute: why don’t all Scorpios have a tendency for mystery or the unknown or sex? You could say that this is about the position of the planet Pluto or its conjunctions with other planets and so on…in Sabian Astrology planets work in a different manner.

So, What are the Signs in Sabian Astrology?

Zodiac signs represent our self-awareness and our “ego” or the way that we react in our reality. Sabian Astrology must be explored by using the left and right parts of the brain.

The Path of Expressions and the Cycle of Spiritual Union

Sabian Astrology follows a path of the so-called ” Expressions” starting by the Cycle, continuing with the Sign, then the Expression and then the Degree. In reality, they all form one Cycle, the Cycle of Spiritual Knowledge. On a Sabian Astrology chart, each degree is parted into 7 sections, the 7 forces of knowledge: Negativity or Declining and Limitation, The Welcoming of a New Experience, Accepting Love and Emotional Situation, Letting Go or a Great Challenge, Neediness, Apollogazing, and Positivity or Agreement. Neediness and agreement have a very significant role in our spiritual growth.

So, What are the Planets in Sabian Astrology?

The 13 planets are each one a core that radiates which “replies” to an inner question”. For example, the Sun radiates our belief system, our personality and where it spiritually stands when this particular planet transits according to 9 stages: Approaching, Being Hit, Stepping away, Reminding, The reflection of the Hit at the second stage, Moving Back and Repeat, Approaching by being prepared, Being Hit again and Realizing and finally, Applying the Wisdom by Keep Going on your path.

It is So Fun to Know Your Future and Pointless

We all want to know about the future and we all check the paper or the online magazine to read the monthly predictions of our 200-500 characters paragraph about our sign. We also read the tarot card of the month according to our sign. After all, it is fun and relaxing. And after 1-2 minutes we have already forgotten what we have read because it is pointless. So, after many years of searching to find the truth on my tarot cards and my progression charts, I have decided to change my point of view about future predictions, years ago because of a new discovery that inspired me more than anything else.

Are You Interested to Know About The Card of The Month or About The Cards of All That is You?

The famous Carl Jung’s perception and his study about tarot cards as well as Dr. Christofer S. Hyatt’s book (sex, magic, tantra, and tarot) a research scientist trained in psycho-physiology and clinical psychology inspired me to start creating Archetypes of Tarot Cards based on the birth date of a person. After I applied the practice of creating the Archetypes for my friends and then for some of my Fiverr customers, I was simply astounded and my friends and customers too, with how accurate their spiritual profile was presented. Their inner wisdom, their inner desires and their actual purpose of their spiritual evolution.

Here’s What a Tarot Archetype Analysis is

This is where the magic of Tarot Archetypes makes a great difference. The Major Arcana in a tarot deck is divided into 4 sectors: the 4 elements (air, water, fire, and earth), 7 Planets (Mercury, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, and Saturn) and the 12 Zodiac Signs. The Minor Arcana is divided into the 16 Court Cards (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles), the 4 Aces of the Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles and the small 36 rest of the tarot suit cards (from 2 to 10). Then I follow a system based on your birthdate to determine your symbols which is quite complicated and relatively easy. The interpretation is the part that is very interesting and not so easy to do. See the picture below which explains, in short, the meaning of my own symbols.

My Archetypal Symbols in Tarot

Birthdate: November 8

  1. Archetypal Symbol: The Death Card – Scorpio Zodiac Sign
  2. Root Symbol: Ace of Cups – The Death Card is associated with the water element and Cups too
  3. Character Symbol: Knight of Cups – 20° Libra to 20° Scorpio
  4. Personal Symbol: Six of Cups – November 2 to November 12, also associated with pleasure 
  5. Preceding Personal Symbol: Five of Cups – always comes before the Personal Symbol in number
  6. Progressive Personal Symbol: Seven of Cups – always follows the Personal Symbol in number

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