Mayan Astrological Wisdom for the New Year

I have always been fascinated by the Mayan wisdom, their significant and complicated symbolism which 3000 years later scientists are still unable to decipher completely. So, what is the new year 2020 resolution according to my Mayan influence?

Sign – The Bridge of Two Worlds

The meaning of this symbol is rebirth, metamorphosis, faith, and compassion. It seems that this year which is also a new decade passes from one side of the bridge to the other through a commitment to the cause. The cause should be noble and needs compassion and great power of cooperation in order to reach success in our lives. The crossing of a bridge also needs to be done with balance and respect for other people’s needs and desires. This energy also needs to be expressed in a deep way, avoiding egoistic beliefs and games of power.

Additionally, we should be organized and confident while being focused on our goal. We should trust each other but also keep our boundaries on what we have to sacrifice, though sacrifice and meaningful social interaction will play a big part in what we want to achieve.

The Bridge of 2 Worlds is connected to the Blue color or the Throat Chakra, so communication is the key for that matter…

While meditating, I was also influenced by the number 5 which according to the Mayan wisdom represents empowerment. It is the power that unfolds mysteries. This energy is deeply connected to the Bridge because it gives us the power to observe deeper. It empowers us to discover our hidden, subconscious beliefs and desires, the treasures that we already possess avoiding to compare ourselves with the other people.

All in all, commit, communicate and observe without judgment. You are who you are and you are beautiful inside out.

This year needs a balanced spiritual approach, otherwise, the bridge will start collapsing.

Innovate, be flexible, and change by regrouping. Explore new choices that you have never explored before. It is necessary to change when living in complete chaos of information and criticism.

Dare to change, believe or even take a leap of faith by observing what will really make you fulfilled but first respect and honor your surroundings. Be a great leader or the captain of your own ship but take care of who else is in the ship with you.

Cross the bridge and change will come, even if you don’t see it now.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay


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