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When you look back, all you see are failures. When I look back, all I see is progress. Constantly challenging yourself by taking new actions, creates all that you are and it is the best way towards conscious progress.

Tap to Your Natural Gifts with Life and NLP Coaching

You may have your own goals, but I have mine too. My own goals are to inspire you, to remove the obstacles that you face by encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone to help you evolve by changing your perspective. To discover your full potential by accepting the fear of failure so that you can also enhance your self-confidence or self-image and feel happier and less stressed. This is not a mentoring session nor a psychotherapy session. However, I will use my knowledge of Existential Well-being Focusing on helping you create an “art of living”, to keep fruitful relations, to be released by social pressures and to be able to master the contexts that match to your personal needs and values. Book a Session that will make you become empowered by discovering your strengths and your inner wisdom. You are accountable for setting your own goals through my respect, confidentiality, support and without judgment.

What does a Life and NLP Coach do?

As a life coach, I am not involved in helping you to deal with past issues or emotions. I encourage the effective change of you, by being future-focused, by setting future goals based on your desires and by accepting who you are. It is a professional psychotherapist’s job to work with issues from the past. Additionally, as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach, I can gather information about your character type and change an unwanted behavioral pattern. As a Body Healing Coach, my mission is the alignment of your spiritual and physical levels.

The Energy Body Healing Coaching can be a part of the change process of your consciousness

This coaching is based on 10 principles and here’s some of them: physical symptoms in our body always have an underlying meaning. We must accept that we are a holistic unity of mind, body, and spirit. This is called with a weird word as a dis-ease and it is a result of an imbalance within your body due to an emotional trigger. Your brain/mind creates a link that influences your emotions and your belief system is a big part of that link. Therefore, to heal a symptom you must be spiritually or consciously aware of how your Chakra System works. This type of coaching is highly recommended if you experience chronic pain or psychosomatic symptoms which western modern medicine couldn’t help you “correct”.

So, what is an Intro Holistic Coaching?

It is a free 20-minute holistic coaching session via my private chat platform. Therefore, after your booking, you will create an account, so that you can log in – according to our online appointment – to start chatting with me. Our initial communication will only be in a chat type, no camera or microphone is needed. If you would like to continue contacting me this way, then please let me know and we will make all the necessary arrangements as per your preferences. Are you a Skype account user? Great, we can also connect through Skype too!

What is a Complete Holistic Coaching?

It is a 60-minute session based on your wellness needs at a competitive price via my private chat platform. Therefore, after your booking, you will create an account, so that you can log in to start chatting with me – according to our online appointment. Our communication will only be in a chat type, no camera or microphone is needed unless you prefer otherwise. We may contact as per your preferences, via chat or video call. You may simply express your thoughts and I will decide whether you may need Life, NLP, Energy Body Healing Coaching or even all of them in a smart combination.

I also offer Quantum Master Reiki Therapy which I provide after the end of our online coaching session. It is an optional service that includes my mental and spiritual focusing on your body by using the selenite crystal and hopefully contributing to your chakras alignment. If you would like me to proceed with a Quantum Reiki Master Therapy, you will receive instructions on how to relax and focus for the next 20 minutes or so, without us having a face to face communication. However, if there is any specific reason that you doubt concerning this non-invasive, gentle method of healing, please inform me not to proceed with it.

What is a Voluntary Holistic Coaching Session?

The 60-minute complete holistic session is also offered voluntarily, only online – via video call or text chatting – per person. However, you must provide proof that you are an official organization or any other official charitable business to book this session. Additionally, you must necessarily register at least 1 interested participant who would like to experience this mind, body, and spirit balancing with respect and confidentiality as well as enhancing their self-confidence by setting goals for self-improvement. For example, if you are a non-profit, fitness club or youth organization with particular spiritual concerns (addiction, etc.), we could hold that session for a participant. You can only book a session by checking my calendar below and send me proof of your identity via email on info.mysticaltotem.com or upon booking you can also enter a link to your website on the comments section.

Read Carefully the Following Info Before Booking a Session

Please do not forget to log in with your account credentials, at least 30 minutes before your Online Session to answer the questionnaire to create your Client Wellness Treatment Card.
If your Online Session is commercial, you can pay with your credit/debit card through our checkout page after your booking. If you haven’t settled your payment at least 24 hours before your session, your booking will be canceled by the administrator.
If you are not completely satisfied with your online session, you are eligible for a full refund within 14 days of your purchase.

Booking Calendars

Please note, that FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© and Mystical Unity Massage© sessions can be strictly booked by gym, yoga or dance local studios, by Spa Treatments venues and official Massage Centers. I work as an independent and volunteer partner and I do not offer in-person resident services.

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