FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga©

Dancing therapy and exercise at the same time. Invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Liberating!

What Makes this Physical Exercise so Special

FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© creates liberating emotions by following the flow of a dancing rhythm with yoga asanas, Tai Chi and Chi Gung. It is a new style of physical exercise and I dare to say that it is a dancing therapy for people of all fitness levels. Yoga Asanas are performed in a fabulous freestyle manner and Tai Chi with Chi Gung are recreated from strictly martial arts to freedom moving artistic, performing arts. People communicate with their energy and they share it with each other, during this session. The energy is bouncing on your body like a ball, it flows back and forth, it expands, it clears and then it flows through all your chakras system like a new rejuvenating force. Words cannot simply describe the powerful influence that this session has on your mind, body, and soul.

What Does FreeStyle Mean and The Rest of the Words?

FreeStyle means that you don’t need to follow the movements in a restricted manner. You can perform the choreography as per your fitness level. For example, you haven’t exercised for the last couple of years, so you cannot perform a yoga pose in a way that a teacher would do. However, you can perform it as “softly” as possible, according to your flexibility. You don’t need to push yourself. There are no rules to follow here. You are not a Yoga soldier or a Yoga Student, you simply are a flow of energy force who feels and is liberated through the sound of music. Allow me to continue explaining the meaning of the rest of the words: I added the word “Tai” because it is originated from the Chinese character Cai which actually means “Talent”, others say that it means “Great Extreme”. However, I clearly added it from Tai Chi which means “Supreme Ultimate” and the word “Gung” which means “Skill”. So, a complete and simple translation would be “FreeStyle Talent snd Skill of Unite” (Unite=Yoga). In other words, what makes you talented and skilled is the power of freedom through unity!

Do I need to have experience with Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gung?

Not even close. My choreographies are created in such a way that almost everybody can perform them. They were not meant to be created for masters or regular trainers of Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gung. Neither they are created to teach you exercises in a traditional manner. After all, I am a performer and a dancer, not a teacher, regardless of how my diplomas entitle me. I may have gained titles that give me the right to teach but I don’t care even less about it. I wanted to create something that people would enjoy and have fun doing it. The best part is that you won’t even need a mat to perform your dancing therapy in a FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© session. The only thing that you will need is a pair of sneakers or shoes that promote ballet movements and they are a little slippery. Otherwise, you will need a mat and bare feet because socks won’t do. Nevertheless, I have to admit that sometimes I wear socks when I feel cold and I use my yoga mat too.

What is a Voluntary FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© Session?

This is an exclusive performance of the FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© dancing therapy, which is offered in a voluntary manner. This session is offered locally (Greece) for official organizations, any other official charitable business or for a gym studio for demonstrative purposes. However, you must provide proof that you are an official organization or any other official charitable business to book this session. For example, if you are a non-profit, fitness club or youth organization with particular spiritual concerns (addiction, etc.), we could hold that session for a group. You can only book a session by checking my calendar below and send me proof of your identity via email on or upon booking you can also enter a link to your website on the comments section.

Booking Calendars

Please note, that FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© and Mystical Unity Massage© sessions can be strictly booked by gym, yoga or dance local studios, by Spa Treatments venues and official Massage Centers. I work as an independent and volunteer partner and I do not offer in-person resident services.

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