December – The color of the Month based on the 7 main Chakras

Blue seems to be the color of the month. It is located on the throat chakra our 5th one which represents our communication with ourselves and with the world around us.

December started a little weird for me and as we are in the middle month-stages approaching the end of it and this year’s end, I have been wondering the reasons why I was meditating, visualizing the blue color in most of my quiet times…

So, how do we communicate with our bodies while our emotions create our thoughts and how do we express our thoughts based on our bodily responses which are actually based on our feelings?

Communication starts with our need to express ourself and what I see in people around me is the avoidance of expressing their true nature. Expressing who they actually are. Unfortunately, I see it to myself sometimes.

It is not just about our needs that we have to satisfy, communication is a desire which leads us to explore through curiosity and expand our minds without judging or over-analyzing our thoughts.

Since we create our thoughts, we can either choose to ignore them or to follow through and express them. Staffed emotions and too much thinking make us unable to communicate when we always have to be in absolute control of what or how to say something. This attitude can only make us feel unhappy and unfulfilled or even worse more empty inside…

The throat chakra is connected to the heart chakra at its bottom and to the Third Eye Chakra at its top. So, there are basically to very important things to consider; open the throat chakra by first communicating through love and secondly use your intuition.

Check the responses that you get on your body by focusing on the clear blue color of a picture on a beach or see yourself on a picture that you have taken somewhere out there on some beach. Another example to focus is to see a picture of a clear blue sky including yourself in the picture and your currently loved ones.

Now check your reactions, don’t think, just let your intuition to guide you all the way from the third eye chakra to the throat and to your heart.

If you do this as an exercise for a few days, you will start feeling balanced and your communication will start becoming deeper, through a more loving place, which is the place of the heart. Your mind won’t have room for negative thinking and every time you feel hard to communicate or even frustrated by other people, you will start thinking the blue harmony and you will stop feeling ”blue”…

This is why people say that when they are sad they are ”blue”, because of their overwhelming reactions to unbalanced emotions. Too many unexpressed emotions create too many thoughts that imprison your desires and therefore your true expression. In this particular situation, your expression represents an overwhelmed energy on the throat chakra that wants to be released.

So, focus on a blue color, not on your thoughts and certainly not on your emotions. Visualize, release and communicate with love, it is your own secret system of health, not held by following false beliefs and delusional thoughts.

Start create loving communication to release yourself from the prison that you have built for your own ”throat”.

When we communicate the wrong way, we start coughing or clearing our throats or having a rock, like a deep pressure which cannot be released unless we silence our minds and listen to what the ”blue color” has to say.

Let it guide you, it knows better…


Writer, and intellectual. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with specializations in great holistic methods. My favorite hobby has been the study and practicing of astrology, numerology, oracles/tarot and so on, for more than 10 years. Thank you for visiting Mystical Totem and may your life be balanced every day.
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