Holistic Sessions

Wellness is a matter of balance and balance is a matter of living in unity or to be one, physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Online Holistic Coaching

You may have your own goals, but I have mine too. And my goals are to inspire you, to remove the obstacles that you face by encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, to help you evolve and change your perception. Starting with your own needs.

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FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga©

Live in the liberating rhythm of FreeStyle yoga and experience the benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Gung with this new style of physical exercise. It is a dancing therapy for people of all fitness levels.

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Mystical Unity Massage© Session

It is a massage session that starts with a classic Swedish back technique with kneading that increases the blood level of oxygen and releases the tissues from toxins. The session is “Mystical” because it finishes with Quantum Reiki Master Therapy that “unites” your psychical, mental and spiritual levels.

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Mystical Totem Analysis©

A Mystical Totem Analysis© goes way beyond the casual concept of planetary influences, simply because it describes the way that your spiritual consciousness is evolving. And the same concept could be applied to an Archetype Tarot Analysis where cards are used like symbols that describe influences beyond our limited social or psychological reality.

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