10 Steps to Beat The Dark Night of The Soul and Reach Easier The Self Paradox

If you want to go spiritually free, it won’t be an easy road to follow because seeing between spaces may mean seeing also things that you don’t like seeing, especially admitting about yourself (the dark night of the soul). There came a time for me when I said that I don’t want to be alive anymore, the pain was unbearable, but when I focused and I went as far as I could from my ego needs, I started getting better.

Also, do not fool yourself that you don’t need other people’s help. People who love me took great care of me and now I feel so grateful and more lovable than ever. If you feel that nobody cares about you, it’s only the ego talking.

Let’s make some small steps into a big, beautiful change!

Step 1; First focus on your paradox self and let the ego for a few minutes aside – once a day – preferably at night.

Step 2; Admit your mistakes and forgive yourself for anything, literally anything you have done.

Step 3; When you need help to overcome the ego needs, ask from God or anyone or anything that you believe as a source of good power to help you get through to reach your paradox self. Only ask for a blessing, do not demand or ask to see proof of your beliefs.

Step 4; When you need help to satisfy your ego needs, ask a friend who loves you to share, exchange emotions and admit that you are a human being whose flesh is weak and helpless. Say out loud your problem, like; I eat too much, my stomach hurts or I feel headaches all the time or I drink too much. You are a human, not a super-human! Additionally, eat whatever makes you feel good, even if it’s meat, yes.

Step 5; Meditate anyway you want to and everywhere you feel like doing it without waiting to sit on the floor and do it. For example, I love meditating while taking a nice shower but sometimes I also like singing.

Step 6; Never push yourself to pray, meditate, contemplate, etc. and if you believe that you need help from a professional therapist, ask for it and stop feeling ashamed or too spiritual to do it. Even some doctors could be Earth sent Angels from Heaven, do not deny their help. I do not appreciate doctors so much but I have a BSc in paramedics so I know that a few of them are amazing human beings.

Step 7; Pay very close attention while feeling better how your dreams start changing patterns, new faces appear and you visit new places while sleeping and when you wake up you feel like you have traveled to different and new places. It is a strange but nice feeling.

Step 8; The Dark Night of the Soul is just a phrase that scares people and when they hear it for the first time they believe that almost everything they feel, do or say is divinely sent or simply a spiritual experience. Well, I have some bad news for you. Sometimes you are misled or misused by forces who live between spaces and they play you like a puppet. Do not feel scared, you just “go through waves” as the Pink Floyd song says…and the sea is not only waves.

Step 9; Stop thinking and visualizing the worst scenarios about yourself by blowing air on your face and body – if possible. Yes, this is what I was doing and it helped me more than enough, most of the times. Especially when the day is very airy, step outside and let the air clear your aura. It works for me but if it doesn’t work for you, then try finding an element that suits you better. For example; My zodiac sign is Scorpio but most of my planets are placed on Libra which means that I like water but the air is a more essential element in my life, for too many reasons that it would take a long of a time to explain them to you…

Step 10; Give your blessings to everyone and anything you see or do – if possible – “Prayer may not change things for you, but it for sure changes you for things.” – by Christian visionary Reverend Samuel Shoemaker.

I am not a religious person because I do not like religions and I don’t visit the church so often, maybe once or twice a year for my mother’s shake but if Jesus’s words don’t touch your heart then stop reading this post and ask someone else to explain you the great mysteries of life, or whatever…

Jesus’s words go like this; “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside, and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when you make the male and the female one and the same, then you will enter the kingdom.”

Let me say something more; Making ugly thoughts will surely invite ugliness in your life but making good thoughts will only bring beauty in your life but firstly into YOU! This is not positive thinking, this is the advice of not thinking at all unless your thoughts invite emotions to terminate the ego-self from encircling and eating its tail.

You only have one demon to fight and that’s you. But is a reality this is not a fight, it is only a fight that creates your mind. It is waves of energy and you only have to learn how to swim in a universal sea of mind consciousness where energy changes and renews you for a great life of enlightenment.

If you need to ask for personal free guidance, visit my energy light workshop and share your worry with me. I don’t judge, that’s for sure.

Comments are also very much welcome!

Blessings to all of you who read this post, either you agree with me or not…


Writer, and intellectual. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with specializations in great holistic methods. My favorite hobby has been the study and practicing of astrology, numerology, oracles/tarot and so on, for more than 10 years. Thank you for visiting Mystical Totem and may your life be balanced every day.
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