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On Mystical Totem you will experience the relaxing art of a holistic therapeutic approach for body, mind, and soul. The balancing art of wellness in unity.

Hi, I Am Evi

My Mission is Your Wellness

…writer and intellectual. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with specialization in marvelous holistic methods of wellness, such as Life, NLP Coaching, FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© Performance, Body Healing Coaching, and Quantum Reiki Master Therapy. I also practice Swedish, Thai and Indian Head Massage. My favorite hobby has been the study of spiritual astrology, numerology, the Jungian tarot approach as well as the archetypes which this ancient art represents concerning our spiritual evolution.


Life, NLP & Body Healing

Tap to Your Natural Gifts with Holistic Coaching. Start with a small goal. Create, Set in motion and Succeed. Furthermore, if what you need is Body Healing Coaching you’ll gain awareness of an organ in your body that will release you from emotionally stressful triggers that cause you discomfort.


FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© Session

A New and Unique, Liberated, Modern Dance and Ballet approach to Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gung. Mixed, Matched and Fun. This amazing dance therapy is currently available in 1to1 or even in group sessions, and it can only be booked by fitness or dance studios, by local Spa/Massage venues and voluntarily.


Mystical Unity Massage@ Session

Time to experience absolute detoxification with a complete Swedish back Massage, a touch of Tai and Indian Head massages, including Energy body-oriented sessions with Quantum Reiki Master Chakras Alignment. Sessions are only available for bookings by fitness or by local Spa/Massage venues who have the necessary space and equipment.


Mystical Totem Analysis©

A 10-year plus experience says a lot about me, thus seriously more about you. Read the analysis of your Sabian Astrology Symbols and your Symbolic Tarot Cards. It will simply amaze you. Each analysis is offered online and is completed within a few business days. A Basic Tarot Archetypes Analysis could be a great way to start your mystical spiritual astrological/tarot journey, especially since it is offered for free!

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Almost Face to Face and Time to Take the Mask Off

…and the mask is off! Hi there! It’s me again, Evi, the website owner of Mystical Totem and I invite you to visit us to experience the relaxing art of the therapeutic approach for body, mind, and soul. I would also like to introduce you to Hera, my cat who is my personal assistant…so to speak…she is my best friend and co-worker. And she also makes me happy when I feel down, so that’s good enough for me to keep on doing what I love the most.

FreeStyle Tai Gung Yoga© in Fast Speed Overview

If you are curious, you may take a little taste of this exercise/performance. You may also discover more videos on YouTube by visiting my channel and watch more performances, like how to start prcaticing with a good warming up. Additionally, you can be inspired and even create your own choreographies, assuming that you are familiar with that kind of exercises/modern dance/ballet.

Is Your Mind Open to New Possibilities?

Take a step back to observe a specific situation on your life and ask yourself the question of “What do you Really and Honestly Want” at this very moment. This is your first step to succeed in your goal.

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